The Lip Treatment System l
The Lip Treatment System is designed to give your lips the extra attention it needs. This system helps rid your lips of dead cells/skin and replenishes moisture. The system consists of 4 products, all aimed at exfoliating and moisture retention. ...
Bomb Balm
A hydrating, long-lasting lip balm that is packed with antioxidant and natural emollients to replenish moisture to dry, chapped lips. This balm is loaded with oils and waxes that not only nourish the lips but also provides a protective layer...
Lip Polish
  Our lip polish is a rose infused oil that transforms lips from dry and damaged to plump and luscious. This oil helps hydrate, moisturize, and soothe the lips, all while providing a protective layer of shine.  
Perfect Pout
Perfect Pout is the perfect brown sugar exfoliating lip scrub. This scrub, packed with beneficial oils, gently buffs away dead skin cells and leaves the lips ready for the next step in your makeup or skin care routine.  
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